Where Cyber, Legal, and Insurance Converge

Understand The Threats

Investing in cyber defense technologies is no longer enough.  Our experts will work with you to assess how cyber threats will translate into business risk for your operations.


Proprietary assessment methodologies created to support U.S. and Latin American clients.

Markets We Serve

We serve the security and risk assessment needs of law firms, small and medium size businesses, insurance underwriters, and academia.

Our Services

HEMISPHERE provides cyber security and risk management services and programs covering security gaps in niche markets.

HEMISPHERE Cyber Risk Management

What are HEMISPHERE Clients saying about us?

“I appreciate the personal touch and attention to our needs. This engagement opened our eyes to legal liability concerns that we never considered.” Private School Dean – 2/2016

“We had no idea that we would be targeted. Working with our legal representation and HEMISPHERE dramatically reduced our exposure to potential civil litigation.” Government Contractor CEO – 2/2017

“Intutive solutions for the insurance sector that will transform how brokers and carriers underwrite cyber risk.” Insurance Cyber Expert – 2/2017

“Your formal debrief helped us better understand how to improve our cybersecurity investment strategies. Your cost benefit analysis is helping us reduce costs” Director of IT – Municipal Government 4/2017

“For what you charged us, there is no way we could have done this in house for even close to that cost or quality.” COO – Government Contractor 7/2017

“We were under the gun to show progress to our prime with NIST800-171. HEMISPHERE got us there on time, on budget, and provided the information needed to move forward.” CFO – Government Contractor 2/2018


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Our North American Operations is conveniently located just outside the beltway in the National Capital Region in Manassas, Virginia.

Our leadership team consists of subject matter experts with deep expertise and experience in the fields of cyber security risk management supporting small business clients like U.S. Government Contractors, law firms, academia, critical infrastructure, and other commercial enterprises with regulatory concerns.

Our Mission

HEMISPHERE is committed to providing our clients with best-in-class professional services at the epicenter of where cyber, legal, and insurance considerations converge minimizing their exposure to cyber and legal risk.

Our Vision

To become your trusted business partner in reducing your exposure to cyber risk that results in increased costs of ownership.  While other consulting firms focus exclusively on defensive and point solutions, our model is designed as a cost avoidance mechanism resulting in an average of 17% reductions in future technology investments.

HEMISPHERE Affiliations & Partners


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