Where Cyber, Legal, and Insurance Converge


Enabling Lower Insurance Costs through Improved Risk Profiles

Making Cyber Risk Easier for Insurance Carriers, Small Businesses, and Government Contractors

Our comprehensive small business prevention program “HEMISPHERE Assured Cyber Knowledgebase Expedited Response and
Recovery” (H.A.C.K.E.R), leverages the insurance industry’s existing incentives to enhance cyber protections, including reduction of cost of cyber‐breach premiums and/or lower errors‐and‐omissions insurance premiums.


Work Products for Government Contractors and Insurance Stakeholders

  • Proprietary Cyber Risk Assessment to meet and surpass requirements for NIST 800-171 as defined by DFAR, HSAR and FAR
    Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyber Risk
  • On-site formal presentation to ensure proper knowledge transfer
  • Internal planning documents that are easy to implement and actionable
  • Artifacts to lower insurance premiums in support of improved risk profile

The H.A.C.K.E.R solution has the following offerings

  • Basic (Six videos plus all materials to justify an improved cyber profile lowering cyber insurance policies) $200.00
  • Basic plus up to five hours of consulting with cyber risk and legal experts to ensure enhanced protections $750.00
  • Basic, cyber/legal consulting and onsite assessment for up to 50 employees Obtain Quote
  • Basic, cyber/legal consulting and onsite assessment for up to 100 employees Obtain Quote

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