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Carter Schoenberg – President

Carter SchoenbergCarter Schoenberg is a Certified Information System Security Specialist with over 23 years of combined experience in criminal investigations, cyber threat intelligence, cyber security, risk management, and law.  He is a cyber security subject matter expert supporting government and commercial markets to promote organizational alignment with his proprietary methodologies where cyber risk, legal exposure, and insurance underwriting considerations converge.  He holds a dual career with a NSA/DHS Center of Academic Excellence leading undergraduate studies for cyber law, cyber security, cyber crime, and terrorism.

Mr. Schoenberg actively contributed to the GSA/DoD Final Report to the White House “Improving Cybersecurity and Resiliency through Acquisition”.  He is responsible for designing practical solutions to address cyber risk management using his proprietary cost-benefit analysis enabling system owners to make mission and cost justified decisions on cyber risk. Starting his career in law enforcement as a homicide detective, his work products have been actively used by DHS, the ISAC communities, and the Georgia Bar Association for Continuing Learning Educational (CLE) credits on the topic of cybersecurity risk and liability.  His expertise is profiled at conferences including ISC2, SecureWorld Expo, ISSA, and InfosecWorld and is a regular contributor to multiple security blogs.

Michael Halley

Michael HalleyMichael Halley is an accomplished business professional with greater than 18 years supporting highly successful organizations in the role of Chief Operations Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Halley is the Managing Partner of the HEMISPHERE Cyber Risk Management Corporation where he is leading business development efforts and helping clients achieve greater operational performance through cyber security business transformation. Mr. Halley is a certified Project Management Professional.

His previous works include supporting Panamanian business interests as well as supporting cyber security undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Maryland University College. Mr. Halley has dedicated experience consulting with Latin American clients and is highly regarded as a trusted business partner in North and Central America. He possesses a Master of Business Administration.

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